Emotionally prepare for your next pregnancy

Move past your pregnancy loss or birth trauma experience and start living the life you wish for.

I understand

You’re an independent, high-achieving woman who knows what she wants and has the skills and confidence to get it.

BUT you desperately want a baby.

No matter what you try, things aren’t working out how you want them to. You’ve lost control of your life and things are getting worse. Nothing could prepare you for the trauma of losing a baby, and with the added pressure of going through this while undergoing fertility treatment, you’re spiralling into depression. You’ve lost confidence in yourself, and your relationships are being affected.

Are you experiencing pregnancy or birth trauma symptoms?

While some people are able to process a pregnancy loss or birth trauma, there are many who can’t, and instead go on to develop symptoms such as reoccurring dreams or flashbacks to the events, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, irritability or physical sensations such as pain, sweating, feeling sick.

People often develop negative thoughts about themselves or others and can avoid talking about what happened, or even avoiding places or people that remind them of the event. This all may lead to fears around the next pregnancy.

I can help

Using a combination of two powerful psychotherapies, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR), and in a safe and understanding space, we’ll work through your trauma, unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours to move past your pregnancy loss or birth trauma. You can read more about both CBT and EMDR on my frequently asked questions page.


initial assesment


After answering a few short questions via email, you will have the opportunity to book your initial assessment session with me. The assessment will take 60 minutes and will include specialist symptom analysis, as well as the opportunity for me to gain an understanding of your issues and goals, and for a plan to be formulated to help you achieve your goals. At the end of the session, I will understand your level of anxiety, low mood or trauma and will have put together a treatment plan based on your unique experience.


Six-week psychotherapy treatment 


Once your initial assessment has taken place, we’ll meet once per week for six weeks for a 50 minute video call or face to face meeting. During this time, you will receive either CBT or EMDR psychotherapy or a combination of both, depending on your unique experience. We will complete a review and mini assessment every six weeks to measure your progress against your goals and establish how you are feeling about treatment so far. On average, people usually require at least two, sometimes three six-week courses to fully move past trauma.

Each week, we will agree on a homework task, that you can be working on outside of the session. This could be something like a relaxation technique, a thought diary, a specific CBT task or to think about your trauma story. It’s also important to note that we will only work on your trauma once you’re in a good place with your sleep, appetite and social activities. This might take longer than six weeks, depending on your circumstances.

Treatment plan overview

Session 1

Goals developed and an explanation of how therapy will work.

Session 2

Personalised therapy session that will include establishing a formulation / understanding of your problems and introducing CBT or EMDR plus homework review.

Session 3

Personalised therapy session using CBT or EMDR plus homework review.

Session 4

Personalised therapy session using CBT or EMDR plus homework review.

Session 5

Personalised therapy session using CBT or EMDR plus homework review.

Session 6

Review and decision made in terms of continued treatment sessions. If treatment continues, we will then complete a review every six weeks.